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����ʱ�䣺2017-12-15 17:26:22
After two years learning Xing Yi, I can « see » and « feel » more and better. Now, when I am standing in the subway or sitting, my body tells me if my shoulders are tense or not. Before I couldn’t feel it, what I thought it was normal now it has changed. Kung fu is more full with Qigong and body understanding.
I have learnt that body teaches our brain in Kung fu, while in the west the brain teaches the body. Experimenting and feeling before understanding.
I have understood that learning forms is not as important as I thought, but how you learn the form, how you feel them, how you practice, the aspect you want to improve. Kung fu is, at the end, what you decide to do with it and adapting yourself when Kung fu decides also what to do with you. Deciding and adapting, relax and tension, speed and strength… they are one at the end.
Juan Carlos, from Spain / ������,����������